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This page is a record of a day trip taken to Gloucester Tops which is part of the Barrington Tops National Park. The trip was taken on the 20th November 2006.





This trip was a quickly organised day trip to Gloucester Tops, which is part of the Barrington Tops National Park. I was accompanied by my very good friend Bec.



We got away at about 11.00am on the morning of the 20th November 2006 (Monday). However, there were a couple of stops along the way - the most notable of which was at Raymond Terrace. We were probably there for about 30 minutes. But this wasn't a stop that I would be complaining about.

We finally reached our destination at about 2.30pm, only to find that there were no BBQs at the parking area - I had thought there were some there. So lunch had to be postponed until we could get back down to the camping area where there were a number of gas BBQs present.

We then quickly set off on the short walk to Andrew Laurie Lookout and the Gloucester River Falls, which we both enjoyed. However, having both been a bit ill in recent times, the shortness of the walk was something we were both thankful for. I found the walk not too bad, but my limbs quickly began to weaken under the continuing influence of my persistent illness.

We spent a short time at the lookouts, both at the Andrew Laurie Lookout and the lookout above Gloucester River Falls. We then descended the short distance to the river above the falls and enjoyed a short time there, before returning to the car park - both keen to return again when we were in better health and when we had more time to enjoy the location. Sadly this won't be happening as Rebecca died in June 2008.

We finally got our BBQ lunch at the camping area at about 4.00pm. It wasn't too bad, but a bit rushed unfortunately.

On the way back to Newcastle I tried to get Bec to get on the bonnet as we drove across the six fords, but she would be in it. I'm sure it would have been fun.

Sadly we were unable to get a piglet for Bec - she wanted one as a pet.



ABOVE: View from Andrew Laurie Lookout

ABOVE: View from Andrew Laurie Lookout


ABOVE: View of Gloucester River

ABOVE: View of Gloucester Falls


ABOVE: Sitting near the river

ABOVE: Sitting near the river

ABOVE: Checking out the water

ABOVE: Gloucester River

ABOVE: Gloucester Falls'


ABOVE: Sitting near the river






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